Who Is A Good Fit For Coaching With Me?

Though I am a pretty laid back and care free kind of guy, I am, however, VERY clear about who is a BEST fit for working with me and who isn’t.


I don’t mean it in an arrogant or conceited way, I am just very clear on what kind of person will get the absolute BEST support and guidance from me and I’m committed to giving my best EVERY time I chat with my clients.


So we will PROBABLY be a really awesome fit IF


  • You have an open mind and an open heart to exploring new ideas, concepts and philosophies about your personal growth and development.


  • You have a functional interest in personal development, you have read books, read posts/articles or watched videos that are aimed to help you grow yourself.


  • You have a sense of humour and aren’t scared to use it. I LOVE using humour during sessions so a sense of humour is a MUST!


  • You aren’t overly offended by profane language. I’m definitely NOT the most profane person you will ever meet, but I do slip it in every now and then.


  • Which reminds me, I also have a hankering for smutty humour too! So if you can handle that, all the better!


  • You are ready, willing and able to engage in the exercises and practises I will invite you to and if anything are interested, excited or at the very least curious enough about them to give them your BEST effort.


  • You are looking for someone who will help you IMPLEMENT strategies to improve your life as oppose to just wanting to collect MORE information.


  • You are 100% committed to your success in any and all areas of your life and are willing to put in the time, effort and energy to do so.


  • You are committed to seeking out, understanding and resolving the CAUSES of your biggest and baddest challenges, not just covering up the SYMPTOMS.​​​​


  • You are ready and willing to go ALL IN on crafting, creating and carrying out the strategies that we co-design to make a MASSIVE impact in your life.​


As well as being REALLY clear on what kind of person I LOVE working with I am also REALLY clear on the kinds of people I LOATHE working with. It’s nothing personal, I just know that people with the qualities below tend to leave both parties wanting more from the sessions and I truly don't believe that is fair on either of us!


So we PROBABLY WON’T be an awesome fit IF


  • You are “set in your ways” and not ready, willing or able to open up to new ideas, concepts and philosophies about your personal growth.


  • You aren’t really into all this “self-help bullshit” and aren’t interested in exploring it in any way, shape or form.


  • You are looking for someone to hand you the answers and “just tell you what to do”.


  • You are SUPER serious and struggle with humour. This is a BIG one for me, as much as I truly want you to have an incredible experience working with me, I NEED to have an equally incredible experience working with you!


  • Profane language REALLY turns you off a person. Again, not that I’m THE most profane person you will ever meet, but I will use it and it is actually really important to me that you are comfortable with it.


  • You can’t handle a bit of smut, again it’s cool if it’s not your bag, but you are likely to find it challenging to work with me.


  • You are looking for more INFORMATION on how to improve your life as oppose to someone who will help you take that information and IMPLEMENT it.


  • You “just want to check it out and see what it’s all about” and are likely to drop the ball because you aren’t 100% committed at this point in time.


  • You are looking for a quick fix to cover up the SYMPTOMS of you greatest and grimmest challenges and not seeking out, understanding and resolving the CAUSES.


  • You're looking to "dip your toe in the water" with creating strategies to "see if they'll work". Again, nothing against that, but I strive to go ALL OUT to help my clients transform their lives, I NEED you going ALL OUT too!


As I have mentioned above, if you fall into the “naughty” list, it’s nothing personal and I'm not being arrogant or conceited.


I am just very clear on who will be best served by me based on WHAT I help people with, WHO I am and HOW I want both myself and my clients to experience the work we do together.


If you have found yourself resonating more with my “bad” fit section, don’t fret, there IS someone out there for you and they WILL be able to help you overcome the challenges and struggles you are dealing with.


It’s just not ME.


I truly believe that by being up front with you about this I am actually SERVING you (and myself) IMMENSELY!


If I hadn’t been explicit in who is and isn’t a good fit for me and the work I do (which I adore!), then we may have entered a working relationship, become under-enthusiastic, overwhelmed with frustration and in all likelihood, we would have resented being in each other's life before long.


I TRULY wish you find great happiness and fulfilment in your life, but for now, I can't be a part of that journey.


If however, you resonated HIGHLY with my “nice” list, you sound like you could be one of “my people”.


you're probably at least a little interest in my work and how you might be able to work with me, which is AWESOME!


I would LOVE to help you identify, address and overcome the challenges you are currently facing in your life!


The button below is my invitation to you to take the next step, take it or leave it, it’s up to you.


If you are unsure, maybe cycle back to the top and take another sweep of who I do and don’t work with to make sure you know which side of the fence you fall.


Although I LOVE helping people with their struggles, I don’t want you to feel I MADE you click the button.


By this point you should either be thinking "HELL YES I WANT TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP" or "HELL NO THIS GUY IS NOT FOR ME”. 


It’s either HELL YES or HELL NO, anything else is just HELL, so I would invite you to be happy in the idea that I actually DON’T want you to click the button if you weren’t a resounding HELL YES.


For the HELL YES-ers out there, I look forward to seeing you in the next step!


Truth, Joy, Love


TJ ✌🏻

TJ Hubbard Confidence Coach

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