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[What You Don’t Know About Highly Confident People]

There are a number of people in each of our lives that we feel radiate confidence. Whether they are our favourite sports star, movie star, musician, thought leader, authority figure or even someone close to you. Doesn’t it always seem that they are HIGHLY confident in what they are doing, regardless of what they are doing? What’s their secret? How do they generate and maintain high levels of confidence most, if not all of the time? The answer is actually really simple. They stick to what they are GREAT at. Think about it, all of these people have identified what they are already good at, amplified their skills in it and therefore multiplied the impact and influence of their talents. Which obviously provides them with a great deal of trust and confidence in what they are doing. The INCREDIBLY clever part of this is it becomes one big positive feedback loop. The more they practise what they are great at, the greater they become, the more confident they feel in it, the more they practise and so on. Sure, there may come a time when they want to move in a slightly different direction, but their core talents and powers are still at play. The highly confident amount us know where their strengths lie, and play to them all the time. Where do your strengths lie? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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