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[What To Do If You Constantly Put Others First To Your Own Detriment]

Service of others, I believe, is one the THE greatest ways to experience ourselves as the truly marvellous, magical and magnificent people we really are. Yet so often I come across folks who pursue the service of others at their own detriment, and I have CERTAINLY done it too! I know putting others first FEELS like the right thing to do and it FEELS like it would be selfish to put yourself first. Yet, if it WAS right and it WAS selfish to put yourself first, why would putting others first cause you more struggle and, sometimes, suffering than you would imagine? It seems counter intuitive doesn’t it? Yet by putting all the focus ‘out there’ in our external world, we struggle to gain any certainty, belief or trust in predicting what will and won’t happen as a result of our efforts. As our trust, belief and certainty decline, so too does our confidence, in ourselves and the impact and influence we are having on OUR corner of the world. However, time and time again, I have observed and experienced that it is only when we put ourselves at the core of our cosmos that our thoughts, words and actions align and allow us to deeply serve those we care about. When our focus becomes internal and not external our belief, trust and certainty in ourselves increases. So too, does our confidence in OUR ability to navigate the world in ways that excite, ignite and delight us and those around us. And surely when we are confident in ourselves, how we show up in the lives of others is much GREATER and GRANDER? Will you put yourself at the core of your cosmos? If so, how so? Lemme know below 😊 Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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