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[We Always Think We Have More Time]

Time, a funny thing isn’t it.

When we are REALLY enjoying ourselves it flies by.

When we are BORED out of our minds, each second seems to last an eternity.

In those rare moments in life that take our breath away time appears to stand still.

And we always have things we want to do with our time like go to new and exciting places, spend time with our loved ones, get healthier, get smarter, do things that bring a smile to our faces.

We always think we have MORE time to do those things and we often tell ourselves that we can start doing these things later on when we actually have MORE time.

We lower the priority of things that mean the most to US, because we believe that we have MORE time.

We allow the priorities of OTHERS to take precedence because they feel more important NOW.

When actually the opposite is true.

We ONLY ever have LESS time!

Whether time is moving slowly or time is flying by, time is ALWAYS passing.

We had the MOST time the day we were born, and since then we have only been getting less time.

LESS time to get OUR health and fitness in order.

LESS time to build that business WE have always wanted.

LESS time to learn that language WE have always wanted to.

LESS time to pick up that hobby that has held OUR interest for so long.

LESS time to seeking find the experiences WE most want from life.

LESS time to realise OUR highest hopes and OUR deepest dreams.

We are ONLY ever LOSING time, so wouldn’t it make sense to use that time in a way that serves US?

To fill that time with places, people and experiences that bring amazement, awe and astonishment to OUR lives.

To fill that time with things that make OUR hearts race, OUR minds boggle and OUR souls sing.

To STOP putting OUR wants, needs and desires behind those of others.

We only ever have LESS time.

The question is, how do YOU want to spend it?

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

P.s. Over in the tribe we will be sparking up some conversations about how we can spend our time to bring as MUCH amazement, awe and astonishment into our lives.

Sound AWEsome to you? Here is the link.

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