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[The Truth About Why You Put Yourself Last And Others First]

We have all done it haven’t we, throw out our own wants and desires in order to fulfil someone else’s. In fact, some of us actually make a habit out of it, even though it can leave us feeling a bit drain and depleted. But the truth is you are DESIGNED to be concerned about others. It is HARDWIRED into your brain to be curious, considerate and concerned about the needs of others. It is actually a MAJOR reason why our species (and all other mammals) have survived for so long and continue to do so. See, as mammals, we have pretty complex brains that allow us to do some INCREDIBLE things. But that means we are born a little, well, dumb. Which means we need others to teach us how the world works and how to safely navigate through life. In order for them to do that we NEED to feel accepted by others, we MUST be connected to others and we CANNOT do it without being cared for by others. Our very survival DEPENDS on establishing those close bonds with others. Which brings things into perspective doesn’t it? If we fulfil the wants and needs of others, we feel we will be more likely to win their acceptance. If we assign large amounts of our time pursuing their interests we increase our chances of connecting with them. If we dedicate ourselves to caring for them, we improve the odds that they will reciprocate and care for us too. When put like that, it all seems so clear, doesn’t it? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻 P.s. That last question wasn’t a rhetorical one, I’m actually asking if that made things clearer for you? So, did it?

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