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[The Truth About Why You Lack The Confidence To Pursue A Life That Is Great, Grand and Glorious]

Great, Grand and Glorious all feels kinda HUGE doesn’t it? Almost insurmountable. I certainly felt so when I used to think about it. I would ask myself questions like: How the fuck do I pursue and build a life that is great, grand and glorious? Where do I even begin? Can I even achieve it? A after contemplating those questions for a while, and not coming up with much, my brain would make statements like: It must only be achievable for ‘special’ people. The place you need to begin is obviously FAR out of your reach, so it’s unlikely you will ever be able to start building that life. You obviously don’t know what to do, therefore won’t ever have a great, grand and glorious life. After a fairly short amount of time, my thoughts would take me from dreaming of a truly spectacular life to convincing myself that it wasn’t to be. I actively reduced my own confidence in my ability to create an incredibly and inspiring life for myself. Which actually, in some twisted way, made my later statements about never making it, more truer than not. But my trouble wasn’t that I was deflating myself with negative chatter (though that doesn’t help). It was actually something very different. In all my good intentions of trying to paint a picture of what the greatest, grandest and most glorious version of my life was, I envisioned something I couldn’t comprehend. I had set my sights so high that it was hard to perceive how to get from A to B. Which brought all that doubt, uncertainty and disbelief in myself and the vision I had created. Which was obviously crippling for my confidence in making that dream a reality. The truth is, when we make our dreams big, bold and beautiful, it can (and often will) feel more intimidating than inspiring. Which actually stops us dead in our tracks. However, there is a very simple way to increase the likelihood of our great, grand and glorious dream coming to be. The trick is to start small and to act consistently and persistently. otherwise know as starting and sticking to a process. See a process is easy to feel confident in. Each small increment we improve or gain re-enforces to us that we are on the right path. And when those incremental gains subside or stop, it’s simply an invitation to tweak and tailor the process to get the ball rolling again. Once you start adding up all those small increments, you start to realise the HUGE net impact they all have. Then, the pursuit of great, grand and glorious doesn’t seem all that intimidating. What are the elements YOU could put in place to start making those small increments to your greatest, grandest and most glorious life? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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