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[The Truth About Why You Are Easily Pressured, Pushed And Persuaded By Others]

It has happened to us all at some point in our lives, I know I was HUGELY susceptible to succumbing to peer pressure for many years. When others come to us with new and exciting ideas, methods and approaches to our struggles, be it health and fitness, finance, relationships or whatever else you are working on, it can be REALLY easy to jump on the new “shiny” thing. How many times have we all done this? A handful? Tens? Hundreds? Point is, we are all guilty of it in some way shape or form. We let family, friends, colleagues, partners, acquaintances, marketers, salesman and anyone else with a convincing and compelling method, to convince us that their way is the ONLY way. They tells us that THIS is the way to lose weight and THAT is the way to sort your finances and THIS is how you MUST behave in a relationship etc. Even if we aren’t entirely sure of what they are saying, they say it with such conviction and certainty, they MUST be right, right? After a bit of resistance, maybe, we head their advice and apply it. Now it could work out great, or it could end up as a massive shit storm, who knows. But all the while, we feel a bit out of sorts because we weren’t ever REALLY convinced it was what we wanted to think, say or do. So why did we do it? Simples, we hadn’t clearly and concisely set out some principles. There was nothing to check our options against to establish what was in OUR best interest, what would serve US best and what would help us realise our highest version of OURSELVES. Principles are the source of self-certainty, they are the pillars that hold up our self-confidence. Each made of slightly different ‘stuff’, but without any one of them, the whole thing comes crashing down. Without principles to give us clear direction, we become unconfident in our direction. If we aren’t confident we borrow the confidence of others. We allow THEIR confidence and certainty to replace our own, because they seem MORE certain and confident than us. But, of course, that borrowed confidence only lasts until someone else appears with even MORE confidence in something, and so we end up chopping and changing from one thing to another. The truth is, this will be your experience until and unless you have clearly defined principles that guide your thoughts, words and actions in a direction that aligns with your greatest version of yourself and you grandest vision of life. Principles allow us to filter the noise of others, glean what is useful and discard all that is not. Thus providing us with the confidence we desire. Principles lead to progress, methods lead to madness. Where have you been going mad recently? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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