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[The One Thing You Should Never Do When Building Confidence To Pursue The Life Of Your Dreams]

Pursuing the life of your dreams is a BIG job and a challenging one. But the way I see it, there isn’t really a better use of your time, effort, energy or money. Because the alternative is to neglect the life of our dreams and end up with a life of apathy, or even worse it to end up inadvertently creating the life of our nightmares. However, one thing I see repeated over and over is something that can seriously damage, disturb and destroy our dream lives. The most unfortunate thing about this behaviour is that most people believe that it is actually incredibly noble of them to do so. In and of itself, it is pretty noble, but it is also incredibly ignoble as in behaving in this way, people actually opt for a lesser version of nobility. If that cryptic talk of being noble or ignoble confused you, let me fill in the blanks. The thing I often observe people doing is putting others first, which seems like a noble thing to do. However, it doesn’t serve very well for creating the life of your dreams, after all, how can it be YOUR dream life if your life is constantly being bent and bowed to fit the desires of others? Importantly, it is also a fairly ignoble idea and pursuit. See, I firmly believe that in order to DEEPLY serve people and greatly benefit them with our time effort and energy, we must first invest some of out time effort and energy on ourselves. Notice I said ‘invest’ not ’spend’, for it is truly an investment that always generates a great ROI. When I say that putting others first is ignoble, I don’t actually mean the act itself is, what I actually mean is that it is ignoble of us, when given the choice, to choose an action that serves ourselves and others to a lesser degree than the alternative. In other words, it actually harms us and others MORE to put them first than it does to put ourselves first. In putting ourselves first we are firing up our engines, lighting our fires and brightening our own lights so that we can deliver ourselves and our value to the world in a MUCH more powerful, passionate and purposeful way. The more we give ourselves our own time, effort and energy, the more powerfully, passionately and purposefully we feel about ourselves. As we feel more powerful, passionate and purposeful about our lives, our confidence in ourself grows, our dream lives feel SO much more attainable. On the flip side, if we continually put others first, we feel incapable, indifferent and irresolute about ourselves. The more we feel incapable, indifferent and irresolute about ourselves, the more our confidence shrinks. Confidence comes from within, and can only be built from within, which means we MUST invest time, effort and energy into ourselves. The one thing you should never do when building confidence to pursue the life of your dreams is to let your life and especially your dream life be defined by others. That, as always, is simply my opinion, would love to hear yours. Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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