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[The One Thing That Will Make Any Dream MUCH Easier To Realise]

Dreams, we all have them don’t we, but many of our dreams go untouched, unrealised and unfulfilled. Yet as ‘difficult’ as it seems to realise our own dreams, some among us seem to bring the to bare almost at will. What’s going on here? Do they know something we don’t? Have they found the magic formula? They have a formula for sure, but it isn’t really ‘magic’ although it’s results are magical…so maybe it is magic. What these people actually have understood and implemented is that NO dream can be accomplished ‘by accident’. Any dream we wish for ourselves cannot be born of positive thinking and wishing it to be. Instead, what these dream-weavers have realised is that ALL dreams require planning, preparation and a process. The olympic gold medalists don’t ‘wish’ themselves onto the medal podium. Industry leaders don’t positively think themselves to the cutting edge of their sector. Top academic students don’t ‘hope’ their way to excellent grades. But they all have ONE thing in common. They have devised, strategised and applied a process to their pursuit. The olympic athlete has training process, recovery process, nutrition process and mental process to allow them to perform at the very peak of their abilities. The industry leaders have a clear innovation and monetisation process (as well as MANY other processes) to allow the business to excel in it’s market. The top academic students have a highly effective and efficient study process that allows the to retain and recall information on demand and apply it to different circumstances and scenarios. The KEY to making any dream much easier to realise, is, and always has been, to devise, strategise and apply a clear and concise process. After all, process leads to progress leads to success. If your dreams aren’t coming to be, perhaps it’s time re-think and refine the process? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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