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[The One Thing That Will Keep Your Confidence LOW And Your Doubt HIGH]

To be confident in something, we must trust it, to trust something we must able to accurately and repeatedly predict the process and/or outcome. If we reverse that, to doubt something we must not trust it, and to not trust it, we mustn’t be able to accurately and repeatedly predict the process and/or outcome. In others words, our confidence is built on how well we can predict how things will proceed. The ONE thing that will keep your confidence low, and doubt high, is a lack of a firm foundation and system supporting how YOU proceed through life. Life is one big ball of absolute ordered chaos. There are SO many possibilities and SO many potentials, that predicting anything is challenging at the best of times, pointless at the worst. Trying to become confident about the whats, wheres, whens, hows and whys in life is an impossible task. It makes much more sense to improve prediction, build trust and therefore confidence in the things we can predict, which is ourselves. By not having a succinct system and a firm foundation that supports how we proceed though life, we end up getting caught up in all of life’s chaos. I mean, that is going to happen anyway, but at least we will have a MUCH greater degree of certainty about how WE will deal with that chaos, irrespective of it’s essence and energy. Sounds great, but how would I create such a system TJ? Simple, principles. Principles give us a direction, they guide us towards what we most desire in life, so when shit hits the fan (and boy does it), our principles provide us with a great deal of prediction about how to move forward. High prediction generates high trust, and high trust leads to more confidence. Without principles, doubt dictates and confidence crumbles. What’s your system for life? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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