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[The ONE Thing That Stops You Being More Confident]

I want you to think for a second about what lights you up, what makes your mind race and has you losing track of time.

If I were to engage you in a conversation about it, how would you feel?




You have probably spent a great deal of time learning about it, practising it, experiencing it and developing understanding for it haven’t you?

Chances are you know enough about it to be able to talk through it until you are blue in the face and til the cows come home.

What if I asked you to think about something you know hardly anything about and wanted to engage you in a conversation about it.

Now how would you feel?




You probably are ok talking about it up to the point your knowledge runs out. Then you would probably get a little self-conscious about what you are saying, right?

What’s the difference?

One you have DEEP knowledge, appreciation and enthusiasm for what you are talking about.

The other you have SHALLOW understanding, interest and energy for the subject matter.

This is of course a long winded way to say “play to your strengths”.

The one thing that detracts from your confidence in all areas of your life is you aren’t playing to your strengths.

If you are GREAT at humour, play to it!

If you tell an excellent story, tell stories!

If you can make complex ideas seem simple, don’t try and complicate things!

I truly believe each and every one of us has a specific set of strengths within us, and when we play to them our trust in ourselves increases.

If you aren’t feeling confident in a situation or circumstance, chances are, you are giving your power away by not playing to YOUR strengths.

So where are you giving your power away?

Truth, Joy Love

TJ ✌🏻

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