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[The One Thing Is KILLING Your Friendships And Relationships]

Friendships and relationships are truly amazing, the bond formed with another human is truly a remarkable thing. Though friendships and relationships are a little different in nature, they both have the power to be a great source of light, laughter and love in our lives. Surely for something so powerful and potent in our lives, they deserve a great deal of attention, consideration and dedication to ensure they are surviving and thriving. However, the more I experience and the more I observe both my own ‘ships’ and the ‘ships’ of others (friend or relation ‘ships’), the more I notice something that is being overlooked or ignored. There is an art to dealing with people, whether that be in your career, your clubs or your close communities (such as family and friends). Yet, what I observe is there isn’t all that much attention paid to mastering this art, mastering the steps and rhythm of the dance that is social connections. Sticking with the dancing analogy, the issue isn’t that people don’t want to dance, on the contrary, people LOVE to dance. The issue lies in that people want to be really good and dancing and enjoy an awesome dance with an awesome partner, without actually taking the time to learn the steps, learn and understand the nature of the dance and most importantly, learn to move in time with their dance partner. In plain English that translates to, people want to have incredible ‘ships', but aren’t willing to learn how incredible ‘ships' are built, won’t learn the nature of human connections and most importantly, learn how the nuances of the person they are forming a ‘ship’ with. In dance terms, this all leads to being out of time, stepping on each others toes and not really enjoying the graceful dancing you hoped for. In ‘ships’ terms it means being out of touch and on different pages, it means hurting each other or pissing each other off too often and it means you don’t experience the types of ‘ships’ you would like. The real shame of this all is, that with a little effort and a little application, learning the steps, understanding the nature of the dance and learning how to move with your partner are a lot more easily attained than we realise. Once you do apply that effort and application, the dance starts to look elegant and feel almost effortless. All you have to do is learn the dance, but will you? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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