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[The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do For Your Confidence]

If you are like most people, there is probably one or two areas of your life where your confidence is pretty high.

Maybe it’s work, maybe it’s a relationship, perhaps it’s a hobby you have.

Whatever area of your life it is, it’s a source of a fair amount of your confidence, right?

And because it creates a great sense of self confidence and we draw a huge amount of worth from this particular area of our lives, we are always seeking to increase of investment there.

Kinda like financial investments. If you are putting money into an investment, shares in a company lets say, and getting a good or even a great return on it, it only makes sense to invest more and more money there right?

But what if that company collapses? What happens to all that money you’ve invested so far?

Unless you cashed out at a time that still made you a bit of profit, it’s likely you just lost a whole bunch of money!

Fucking nightmare!

When telling any of your friends they’ll probably say “but you invested in other shares right?” or something like “you diversified your portfolio didn’t you?”.

Essentially, they’re asking if you put all your eggs in one basket or not.

Which is a little risky when it comes to financial investment, if that investment fails, there is NOTHING else to cover the losses.

There is NOTHING else to bring you a little bit of profit going forward.

So for financial investments, it ALWAYS makes sense to make sure you have "multiple revenue streams” as the experts say.

So, why don’t we apply the same logic to our confidence and self esteem?

If an area of our life is generating a “confidence profit” in our lives, yet it’s the ONLY area we are investing in and therefore getting a return on, why do alarm bells not ring in our head?

Because like financial investments, if an area of our life suddenly stops being a source of our confidence, what are we left with?

It could be that you lose your job, your relationships ends or that your hobby becomes unfeasible to continue.

What then?

The truth is, if you DO only invest in one area of your life, the thought of losing that area of your life TERRIFIES you!

You probably feel anxious about the possibility of it not being in your life anymore, what that will mean and how you will survive.

Which is completely understandable! And I'm not going to tell you that by doing X or Y will ever fully alleviate that concern.

But, what if, like with financial investments, we didn’t put all out eggs in ONE basket, or even TWO or THREE.

What if we had MANY areas of our lives to invest in and draw confidence from?

Even having 4 areas of life that we invest ourselves in is better than one.

Instead of an area of our life dropping out and leaving a VAST chasm that’s almost 100% our lives, it would only be 25% of our lives.

Which feels a LOT more manageable...right?

The truth is, life is unpredictable, it can (and WILL) throw you a curve ball every now and then.

It WILL kick away a table leg from time to time.

So it only makes sense to ensure we have MANY more table legs to keep our table (lives) standing and stable.

Only when you have MANY areas of your life that you invest in and draw confidence from will your confidence, and therefore your life, truly start to take off.

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

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