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[The Fatal Flaw With “Listening To Your Inner Voice”]

We have all heard some variation of that expression haven’t we? The one that tells us that our inner voice has the answers. It’s not that I don’t believe that WE have most of the answers we are seeking and, in actual fact, this is the VERY essence of the message I am hear to circulate, disseminate and propagate. However, if you have actually listened to you inner voice enough you may have noticed that it has a tendency to be a little shit from time to time. Those times when it connives, colludes and conspires to keep you playing small, when it nullifies, denies and defies your efforts to realise the vision and version of yourself that will bring about the most awesome and inspiring life. It tells us things like: “You can’t do that” “You can’t say that” “I’m not sure you should...” “You just don’t feel like it” “Why bother?” When I think about all the times I DID listen to my inner voice and I got one of those statements or similar, it makes me realise those were the times I shouldn’t have listened to it. Those were the times I needed to declare to my inner voice my intent and commitment for my life. In the past there were so many times I wish I would have said “No, inner voice, you lil bitch! I CAN do that, I CAN say that and I’m SURE I should do that!” What I have realised is that it is CRUCIAL to get your inner voice on the same page as the most supreme and sublime version of yourself. To get them collaborating and cooperating instead of conflicting and combating each other. When those two are working towards the same ideals, then and ONLY then would listening to your inner voice be a skilful course of action. Until then, unfortunately, it will err on the side of caution, thus keeping you thinking, speaking and acting small, which is obviously NOT supreme or superb. What does your little shit say to you? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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