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[The Disastrous Defect In “Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize”]

You have heard it many multiples of times in your life have you not? To “keep your eyes on the prize”, “have your goal at the front of your mind” and any other variation of essentially, focus on the result you wish to bring to bare. Yet, in my years as a competitive athlete (recreational), a personal trainer and a coach, one thing that has cropped up time and time again, is that the “prize” isn’t where our focus is best placed. Sounds counterintuitive I know, but here me out. Let’s take the prize to be ‘winning a sporting tournament’ for example. There are many, MANY factors that will influence and affect who wins, how, and why. Injuries to competitors, the preparation of opponents, tactical and technical styles of play, mental and emotional resolve, playing conditions, fatigue, crowd support and so many other things can and will have an influence on the outcome of the tournament. With SO many variables, so many opportunities and so many places it can all come crashing down, it doesn’t make sense, to me anyway, to focus on the attainment of the prize of winning the tournament. Because, when you boil it all down, any team or individual that has ever won and ever will win a tournament will have had to of gone through a process to fully prepare them physically, mentally and emotionally for that event. They will set out a process at each and every stage of the event with the aim that it will progress them further n the tournament. Against each opponent they will have a strategy of how to best them and will put the steps of the strategy into action. You see, the champions of tournaments and indeed the “champions” of life, are those who have clearly define processes that don’t necessarily guarantee the prize, but make the likelihood of the prize SO much more feasible. The prize distracts us from the process and ultimately, it is the process we proceed on that determines how, when and where we get the “prize”. What “prize” is distracting you from the process? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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