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[Structure Determines Function]

Go to see any physiotherapist, any osteopath, and some personal trainers too, they will be able to tell you that structure determines function.

It is something I was kindly reminded of by Mr Dax Moy last week at his AWESOME event for heart centred entrepreneurs.

I had known this to be true of the body, the joints and the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia surrounding them.

But, I realised as I sat in Dax’s event, I had been neglecting the UNIVERSAL application of this principle!

Structure ALWAYS determines function.

Your body’s structure determines it’s function, and I’m not just talking muscles and movement here.

The structure (the size, shape, orientation and location) of organs determines how they function (the quantities of hormones they produce, how efficient they are, how tolerant they are of increased demands).

The structure of you LIFE will determine the function of you life and your body.

Is your life structure to produce a body that is fit, healthy and capable of carrying you through life?

Or is it structured to be unfit, unhealthy and struggle you through life?

I’m not saying this to “call you out” or to point the finger and exclaim “YOU ARE SHIT AT LIFE”.

Not at all!

I mean this with all the LOVE!

It’s simply an invitation to ask yourself the question.

If you are unhappy with the FUNCTION of your body and life, what about the STRUCTURE of your life is causing that?

It’s simple cause and effect.

Structure is the cause, function the effect.

Where is your structure leading to a less than desirable function for your body and life?

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

P.s. Over in my tribe we like to talk about structure and function a fair bit, so pretty powerful conversations happening.

We are also building LOTS of bridges with like minded people (see what I did there?)

You can build some too, and it starts with this internet bridge (or link as they are called) below.

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