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"Magic happens when you fill up your own heart, not when you wait for someone else to fill it u

That is to say, that only WE know how to best fill up our own hearts and only WE can ensure that our hearts are filled. Yes, others can and will be able to contribute to the filling of our heart, but it is not for them to make sure we fill OUR hearts. If we each prioritise filling up our OWN hearts, thinking, speaking and doing that which most fills us up, our magic and marvel will unfold. To be clear, I’m not saying “there is NO magic in time spent with others”, I actually believe the exact opposite. What I am saying is that WE must take it upon ourselves to spend time in the places, with the people, engaging in processes and executing plans that fill up OUR OWN hearts, as no one else will do it for us. If we are always waiting for someone else to fill up our hearts, we could be waiting a VERY long time! Where have you been waiting for others to fill your heart? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻

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