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[Just Tell Me What To Do And I Will Do It]

If I had £1 for every time I have heard something like this as a health and fitness professional…I could make it RAIN!

Seriously, I have heard something along these lines thousands of times!

But does this actually ever work in the long run?

Or do we DO the stuff we were told to do whilst it is new and exciting.

Then, after a few days, weeks or months we kinda get sick of doing EXACTLY what we were told.

Maybe we make the ‘stuff’ more flexible.

Maybe we ditch it altogether.

Maybe we take bits of it and continue and ditch the rest.

However it goes, it’s pretty safe to say that we eventually STOP doing the ‘stuff’ as it was set out to us and start doing it another way.

We MAY decide to do it OUR way, but I’m willing to bet that most of us find someone else to TELL us how to do it and the cycle begins again.

This probably impacts the results we get, we probably start to doubt OUR commitment to our weight loss.

We probably start to tell ourselves that we are have no will power, we lack motivation and we are lazy.

Because all the ‘experts’ tell us “If you want it BAD enough you would JUST DO IT”.

And now we begin to build a negative association with weight loss, a negative relationship with food and exercise and a negative opinion of ourselves.

How did this all START?

Why couldn’t we follow the plan that we were GIVEN?

Fundamentally, it’s because of one simple fact.

We don’t like to be TOLD what to do.


It takes away our FREEDOM.

The freedom to eat foods we LOVE.

The freedom to go to social events and ENJOY ourselves and not feel guilty that we missed the gym, or we won’t be able to eat to our carefully laid out plan.

The freedom to spend time doing the things that matter MOST to us, like seeing friends, family and loved ones, going on adventures and exploring new places because we “NEED” to be at the gym then.

The freedom to CHOOSE what we will eat for dinner, instead of being told what, when where and how we “MUST” eat our food.

Ultimately, we become unhappy, because we are being TOLD how WE should live OUR lives.

Because someone TOLD us we “HAVE” to do it THIS way, we beat ourselves up when we don’t tick all of THEIR boxes.

We judge ourselves on our lack of ability to follow someone else’s plan.

Leading us to a place where we resent, criticise, belittle and even loathe ourselves for not being able to do it THEIR way.

WE are only HAPPY to the degree we are FREE.

WE are only FREE to the degree we feel we have CHOICE.

I find it no real surprise when people don’t continue with a plan that someone else gave them, because being TOLD what to do is usually the exact OPPOSITE of CHOICE.

Where is your freedom being compromised in your weight loss journey?

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌️

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