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[How You Act Is Lead By What Acts Upon You]

Just over 8 weeks ago I set off to Thailand to spend 10 days in a luxury villa, surrounded by incredible, intelligent and inspiring people.

Why did I do this?

I need time and space to work on myself and my business.

Why fly all the way to Thailand to do it, couldn’t I have done it at home, or at least closer to home?

Absolutely I could have. I knew I needed to do the work, but, I hadn’t.

So how did going to Thailand help you do the work?

My environment had changed.

I was so far removed from my everyday life that my mental and emotional state was completely different!

Thus, giving the mental space to do the work and the physical time out of my everyday routine to get stuck into the work.

You see, how you act is ALWAYS lead by what acts upon you.

In other words, your ENVIRONMENT leads your behaviour.

My favourite example of this comes from my days as a personal trainer.

“If you don’t own the food, you won’t eat it”.

Just one way that shaping your environment can and will shape your behaviour.

As a species, us humans are sensational at adapting to our environment.

Yet, we often overlook and underestimate just HOW much our environment shapes our actions.

Here is an invitation for you, change something in your environment for the next 7 days, and see what impact it has on your life.

Maybe you struggle to stop aimlessly scrolling through social media in the middle of the night, I invite you to leave your phone and laptop in another room at night.

Maybe you eat foods that don’t benefit your health every evening after work, I invite you to STOP bringing those foods into your home.

Maybe you struggle to come up with fresh and innovative ideas at work or in your business whilst sat at your desk, I invite you to LEAVE your desk, GET OUT of your office and MOVE yourself to a different environment.

Or any other way you decide to alter your environment.

Some of my GREATEST struggles have been overcome with a simple tweak to my environment.

Want to change how you act, first look to what is acting upon you.

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

P.s. Over in the tribe we are trying to build a community where we can all positively act upon each other!

Only action you need to be included is to hit the link below and answer 3 questions, hope to see you there!

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