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[GiveA Man A Fish And You Will ALWAYS Being Giving Him Fish]

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”.

We are all familiar with this age old saying.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day (you SAVE him from starvation on that day).

Teach him HOW to fish and you SERVE him for a lifetime.

Either way they get fed, but what is the COST of either option?

In giving them a fish they are fed, but when morning rises tomorrow, they will still be unable to catch fish, thus needing you to fish for them so they can eat.

And they will continue to NEED you to give them a fish indefinitely.

You will have to spend considerable time, effort and energy catching them a fish each day to keep them going.

What if you teach them HOW to fish, what does that cost?

Sure, it will cost some time, effort and energy up front to show them how to set up a rod, how to bait the hook, how to cast out into the water and how to snag yourself a whopper!

But once they know HOW to fish and are competent at it, you will NEVER have to show them again.

Hopefully by now you are thinking “no shit TJ! What’s the point of this?”.

Point is, we find that saying pretty fucking simple when explained like that, yet, when it comes to our own lives how often are we APPLYING it?

For MANY years I intellectually “got” that saying, yet I seldom, if ever, applied it.

I would spend enormous amounts of time, effort and energy on trying to ‘save’ people.

I would dedicate myself to giving them a proverbial fish as often as I could.

I felt it was my duty to “give them a fish” because I “knew how to fish”.

But quickly my time, effort and energy became scarce because I was trying to pass fish out to EVERYONE!

I was fishing for everyone else and rarely remembered to fish for myself.

My own time, effort and energy to pursue the things in life I wanted had been diminished by trying to save everyone else.

Of course, the more I did this the less able I was to ‘save’ people because my all my resources where running low.

What people REALLY needed was to be served.

What they needed (and what I needed) was to be shown HOW to “fish”.

Now I realise that I have a specific set of skills (but they don’t make me a nightmare for people like you) and it is up to YOU to ask ME to show you how to develop and use those skills.

It isn’t my job use those skills FOR you.

It’s my job to "teach you how to fish” not to “give you fish”.

But I know I’m not alone in this, we all have our skills and I TRULY believe that most of us want to help others in some way, shape or form.

Question is, have you been trying to save people with your skills (giving them the fish) or serving them with your skills (teaching them how to fish)?

So which is it?

Truth, Joy, Love


P.s. Over in my tribe I share my “how to fish” hints and tips. If you would like to learn how to fish for you DREAM life, cast a line to the link below. Catch you there!

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