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[Fuck The Outcome, Focus On The Experience]

Ok, maybe don’t completely fuck the outcome, but fuck it a fair bit!

Too many of us (myself included) are SO focused on the outcome we want that we end up RUINING our experiences.

Think about it, how many times have you put yourself through STRUGGLE, SUFFERRING and SHIT in the pursuit of an outcome?

Whether that be 6 pack abs, a 6 figure business/salary or 6,000+ followers on social media.

Truth be told, I see and speak to PLENTY of people who are so fixated on the outcome, that they forget to consider the experience they want along the way.

During my Personal Trainer days it was THE most common thing I saw (and still see today).

People choosing methods of getting the outcome they desire without considering the EXPERIENCE.

Now I’m not saying “don’t go for your goals”.

All I’m saying is take the TIME to purposefully and precisely identify HOW you want to get to that outcome.

If you are working towards 6 pack abs yet you HATE they process, why continue with that process?

If you are grinding, hustling and working your ARSE off everyday trying to build a 6 figure business, yet you have come to LOATHE your days, why plan your days in that way?

If you are trying to get 6,000+ followers, yet you DESPISE all the posing, preening and pouting, then why play that game?

I’m not saying any of these are “bad” methods, I’m just asking, if they leave you frustrated, forlorn and fucked off...are they worth it?

Life, in my opinion, is to be filled with fun, freedom, and fulfilment, so if the WAY in which you live removes any of those from you life, it’s not REALLY living.

But that’s just me, what about you?

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

P.s. If you ARE focused on the outcome at the expense of your experience, the tribe MAY be a nice little place to hang out in.

Come check it out!

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