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“Every human is like all other humans, some other humans, and no other human” - Clyde Kluckhon

Doesn’t make sense the first time you read it does it? Yet, the more I read that quote the more it seems so obvious. Let’s break it down. "Every human is like all other humans,”, meaning there are properties and principles that are true for ALL of us. "some other humans,”, drill a little deeper and we are more like a smaller group of people in the world. This can be our tribe, religion, sexual identity etc. "and no other human”, drill down deep enough and we are all unique. We have our own special blend of ideas, views, beliefs and experiences that make us who we are. What I really like about this quote is that it simultaneously reminds me that there are some base truths that can help us interact with all people. Some more specific truths that can help us interact with a certain ‘niche’ and anything beyond that must be tailor made for the individual you are infant of. Understanding this can and will make a BIG difference in how you interact and engage with people. What are do you believe are the base truths for all people? Truth, Joy, Love TJ ✌🏻


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