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[Ever Notice How You Tend To Find What You Are Looking For?]

Have you ever been having a conversation with friends or family and made a bold statement like “EVERYONE drives THAT car”.

Then for the next few weeks, you see THAT car EVERYWHERE! Thus adding evidence to your BOLD claim.

Or when you stereotype a group of people to “ALWAYS do that”?

Or even make a statement about a friend, family member or partner stating they “NEVER listen”.

And it ALWAYS seems like you are BANG on and they LITERALLY always seem to not listen.

Is this coincidence?

Are you INCREDIBLE at noticing people’s behaviour?

Or, is something else going on?

Incredible thing, the brain, it is CONSTANTLY scanning our environment, analysing and assessing our surroundings.

But here is SO much information, it has to filter a lot of the bits that make it to our conscious selves out.

It is selective in what it shows us, based on things we deem important.

We deem them important through our thoughts, conversations, actions and beliefs.

So when we make big and bold statements like “you never fucking listen to me”, is it any surprise that we pick up on ALL the times they DON’T listen to us?

In making the statement, we set the filter to pick up on the times they don’t listen, and ignore the times they do.

Because we have all been on one side of that argument haven’t we!

But the same works with the conversations with have with ourselves.

“I will never lose weight”.

“I can’t earn that much”.

“My opinion isn’t as valid as theirs”.

“They aren’t responding to me, they must have me”.

If we make these declarations to ourselves, how do you suppose the brain will set its filter?

Will it gather evidence to support or refute the statement?

When it comes to evidence for or against a statement, often it’s a case of seek and you shall find.

What evidence are you gathering in your own life and how is the influencing you?

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

P.s. If you are looking for a place to gather evidence that you CAN live life on your terms, the tribe MAY be the place for you.

Only one way to find out though 😊

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