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[Don’t Be Sad, Don’t Cry, Don’t Feel]

How often have you heard these?

Don’t be sad.

Don’t show your emotions.

Don’t let them know you are hurt.

Don’t let them know you are upset.

Don’t show them you are vulnerable.

Don’t let them see you are scared.

Don’t show signs of weakness.

Don’t show your sensitive side.

Don’t show them you care.

Don’t cry.

Whatever words are used and how ever it is spun, I can’t help feel they all mean the same thing.


But there is no light without darkness.

No day without night.

No hot without cold.

No hard without soft.

No high without low.

No in without out.

No fast without slow.

No heaven without hell.

No easy without hard.

No joy without sorrow.

To deny ourselves the feelings of being sad, sensitive and scared is to deny one half of ourselves.

So I say DO!

Do be sad (but do not dwell in your sadness).

Do show your emotions (but don’t let them rule you completely).

Do let them know you are hurt (so you bring them awareness).

Do let them know you are upset (and help them understand why) .

Do show them you are vulnerable (and know the strength it takes to do so) .

Do let them see you are scared (but don’t let it paralyse you).

Do show signs of weakness (because, after all, you are only human).

Do show your sensitive side (because it too deserves to be seen) .

Do show them you care (but only if you genuinely do).

Do cry (when you are in a safe place).

They are ALL a part of YOU.

You don’t have to be greater than you, you just have to be the YOUIEST you to live a life of fun, freedom, fulfilment and happiness.

And that is my DEEPEST wish for YOU!

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

P.s. Acknowledging, accepting and acting like you isn’t always as simple as it seems.

But over in the tribe, we are exploring how to do just that and it COULD be just for you.

Only one way to find out though 😊

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