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[Do It MY Way]

How often have you been talking to someone, reading an article, scrolling through instagram or watching a video online and seen or heard something that basically says “do it MY way”?

Probably a whole bunch right?

The ones where they tell you all the ways THEY are getting results and how THEY get and stay in shape.

Which is great!

For them!

But what about the rest of us?

What if we don’t LOVE being in the gym 3 hours a day?

What if we HATE eating out of Tupperware?

What if we don’t have the time energy or resources to do it how THEY do it?

Well, chances are, we look at ourselves and say “you obviously don’t want it enough”.

“You will NEVER lose weight/get in shape/be fitter”.

“Your body will only ever be OK”.

We will let blame, shame, doubt and judgement creep into our heads.

We decide that because we can’t do it THEIR way, it won’t ever happen for us.

But is that true?

Is it?

See, all these people mean well.

I honestly believe they do!

I have met VERY few people in my time that actually don’t give a shit if they help you or not as long as they get your money.

But, what I see too much of are people saying “do it MY way”.

Problem is, you are’t them, and they aren’t you.

Am I saying don’t listen to them, don’t learn from them, don’t head their advice?

Not at all.

A lot of it is helpful.

My invitation to you though is to ask if THEIR way is going to work in YOUR life?

Will THEIR choices lead YOU down a path you are willing to follow?

Or will THEIR decisions take YOU somewhere you don’t want to go?

Learn what you can from them.

But ask yourself, does this fit into MY way?

(But “MY” way…I mean YOUR way…not TJ’s way!)

When it’s YOUR way, it will work in YOUR life and will make YOUR journey smoother, simpler and much, MUCH more enjoyable.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Have you been trying to make YOUR life fit into using THEIR way?

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌️

P.s. I have set up a new tribe (it’s free) where we will be having discussions like this and MANY more.

If you want to join the conversation, I would LOVE to see you there!

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