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[3 Reasons Your Life Is Lacking In Fun, Freedom, Fulfilment And Happiness]

When it comes down to it, we all just want a bit more fun, freedom, fulfilment and happiness in our lives.

But time and again we feel like they are flashes of light in an otherwise grey existance.

Like a fleeting glimmer of sun in an otherwise overcast day.

Through observation and experience I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 main reasons this is so for many of us.

And to best explain this, I will use the analogy of a journey.

  1. You aren’t clear enough on where you are.

When starting any journey it is imperative that you know where you are.

If you were to be taken from your bed late at night and dropped in a field in the middle of the night, the first thing you would HAVE to do to find your way home, is to figure out where you are.

When I feel stuck, confused, adrift or lost in life, I have found it tends to be because I’m not clear on where I am, or more importantly, I have fallen out of touch with WHO I am.

Being able to move forward requires knowing where you ar moving from.

  1. You aren’t clear enough on where you want to go and HOW you want to get there.

The most obvious part of any journey is to know where you are going.

But the part we often forget is to decide HOW we want to get there.

Whenever we depart on a literal journey, we have already decided if we want to drive, fly or go by train.

We have decided the route we want to take and therefore the experience we want to have.

Whilst moving along the journey of life, if we haven’t decided the experience we want to have along the way, we are very likely to find ourselves on a path we don’t enjoy.

Having an experience that causes us to feel frustrated, fatigued and fed up instead of leaving us feeling fantastic, fascinated, fervent and free.

When we take the time to decide the experience we want to have, we can determine the route that is most appropriate for our journey.

  1. You aren’t bringing the journey to life.

There is only so much planning that can be done before it’s time to get out on the road and start putting the plans to action.

But whilst we are on our journey, it’s worth remembering the check the plan every now and then.

To make sure you are on the route you planned and having the experience you decided on in the first place.

Looking out for the speed bumps and checking you aren’t being diverted by others.

But I’m my opinion, THE most important thing to do on any journey, is remember to enjoy it!

Sticking with the analogy of life being a journey, the ONLY thing to do is to enjoy the journey.

Because no one is rushing to the destination of life.

It is my firm belief, that if you are clear on WHERE and WHO you are, clear on WHERE you want to go and HOW you want to get there and remembering to ENJOY the journey and lead yourself towards the EXPERIENCE you want to have, your life will be FULL of FUN, FREEDOM, FULFILMENT and HAPPINESS!

But that is what feels true for ME, does it feel true for you?

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

P.s. Over in the tribe we discuss who we are, where we want to go, how we want to get there and remind each other to enjoy the journey.

If you want to get into that stuff too, it might be a great place for you!

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