How I Work

If you have got to this page you may be contemplating working with me, but before you go any further it’s REALLY important to me that you know exactly what it will be like working with me.


See I’m not like other coaches because I’m my very own brand of weird and wonderful and I really LOVE that about myself.


I’m not a stiff, suit and tie kind of bloke, in fact, I’m a chilled out and relaxed guy and I have a very different idea of what “professional” means.


I am both profane and profound, sometimes in the same sentence.


I use a lot of stories, metaphors and anecdotes to bring humour and to explain an idea as simply as I can. 


I am ABSOLUTELY committed to providing you a safe space, FREE from judgement to allow you to freely explore all the areas of your life and clearly understand them.


I am committed to supporting you in ANY and EVERY way I can in order to bring forward your most ambitious and awe-inspiring visions of your DREAM life.


However, I will NOT pretend not to see when you are buying your own shit and telling yourself lies.


I will NOT give you the answers, tell you what to do or to spoon feed you in an attempt to help you "see the light".


I will NOT hold you accountable for your actions, thoughts or feelings, you are an adult, that’s not my job, that’s yours.


I will NOT give you permission to continue thinking old thoughts, feeling old things or taking old actions.


I also will NOT give you permission to start thinking new thoughts, feeling new feelings or taking new actions.


In fact, I will NOT give you permission to do anything, simply because you do not NEED my permission or the permission of anyone else to do ANYTHING!


You WON’T enjoy working with me if you just want to be told what to do.


You WON’T enjoy working with me if you don’t have a sense of humour and can’t stand stories.


You WON’T enjoy working with me if can’t handle profane and you don’t buy into the more profound ideas out in the world.


You WON’T like working with me if you just want to be handed the answer sheet and be on your way.


You will PROBABLY enjoy working with me if  you like to explore and feel around for answers in your own life.


You will PROBABLY enjoy working with me if  you like to have a giggle and find stories captivating and mesmerising to your brain.


You will PROBABLY enjoy working with me if  you enjoy both profane and profound statements that will make you laugh and then face palm saying “DUH! How did I not see that before!”.


You will PROBABLY enjoy working with me if  you want to spend time figuring out how to get the answers for yourself and being able to apply them to many areas of your life.


People who tend to get the MOST out of our time together are open minded, into personal-development, have a good (and slightly smutty) sense of humour.


People who work with me can expect to feel a much greater deal of clarity around WHO they are, WHERE they want to go and HOW they want to get there. 


They can expect to feel supported in their journey towards the life of their dreams and start to PLEASURE, PASSION, PEACE and PURPOSE coming back into your life.


If what you have read so far has resonated with you, you may be thinking “This all makes SO much sense TJ! Can you help me please?”.


ABSOLUTELY! In fact if you are at this point you are quite likely to be my kind of person and I would LOVE for you to apply for a 1-1 exploration call to see if we are going to be a good fit to work together!


If you are 100% committed to building you DREAM life, hit the button below to fill out an exploration form and to book an exploration call with me.


I see the call as a friendly chat, to see if we are going to be a good fit working together and a chance for me to get to know you a little.


It is also my aim that during the call I can serve you POWERFULLY, so that even if now is not the right time for us to work together you get great value from our chat.


Can’t wait to chat!


Truth, Joy, Love


TJ ✌🏻

TJ Hubbard Confidence Coach

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