What Is Coaching With TJ Like?

Do you often find yourself stuck, struggling or lost?

Do you feel a bit adrift in this adventure we call life? Are you someone who goes looking for answers and information to improve your situation, yet never quite seem to experience the BIG shifts you hoped for? 

Do you feel that there is more to life and if only you had some more direction, a laser focus or a more efficient strategy, life could be SO much more?


Allow me to ease your mind, you are definitely NOT alone in this! 


In fact, one of THE most common reasons someone sparks up a conversation with me is because they cannot seem to make changes stick.

They have a deep, burning desire to ‘level up’ their life, yet keep just missing the mark. They have read books, been to workshops and seminars, listen to podcasts and motivational speeches with little or nothing to show for it.


What they realise is that they need some support in their journey, a friendly face fighting their corner.

They understand that actually, the knowledge and information isn’t the “magic pill” that will REALLY start to shift things for them, it’s implementation.

They see that with someone beside them, helping them gain the clarity, direction and focus they need, their journey can and will become much more efficient, effective and enjoyable.


My clients tend to be managerial level women, who are highly successful in their careers, whether that is in employment or running things for themselves.

Yet they feel they have lost themselves to their work and are out of touch with who they are. They come to me to rediscover and redefine who they are and to get back to living life on THEIR terms.


I’m not a counsellor or therapist, though we will look into the past, I’m very much focused on influencing the future.

The purpose isn’t to poke and prod at all your pain points of the past, but to enlighten you to all the possibilities and empower you to act upon them. 


I’m also not one of those “just fucking do it” coaches who will pressure and persuade you to do shit.

I’m not here to make you do anything, especially if you will end up loathing your journey, our coaching relationship or yourself as a result.

I will, however, challenge your beliefs and convictions when I feel they contradict your desires.


Though some of the conversations we have may seem a bit “woo woo” and out there (and some of them are a bit out there purposefully), my approach is grounded in neuroscience and human behaviour..


I believe that confidence comes from within and through unshakable self-confidence you can experience MUCH more PLEASURE, PASSION, PEACE and PURPOSE in your life.


As a result of our coaching relationship I want all my clients to feel incredibly safe and supported and immensely empowered and inspired.

Though, I do want them to feel a little challenged at times too.


The coaching environment (be it in person or over FaceTime/Skype) is a judgement free zone where my clients are free to be curious about their struggles.

No idea or question is dismissed or discredited as I believe that only through exploring as many possibilities as we are able, can we discover the ideal course of action.


The coaching experience with me is NOT one of accountability, as I said before, I’m not here to make you do anything.

I'm here as a guide and an aid in your own journey, I can offer insights and suggestions, but you must still chose your path.


It also isn’t a full on puking of positivity! Though positivity absolutely has it’s place and can be a powerful tool, I don’t believe that totally avoiding the darkness is beneficial in any way, shape or form.

We will dive head first into the darkness at times, but don’t worry, we don’t dwell there for long.


You may have asked yourself “how can having a chat be that powerful?”. Truth be told, this is a little more than ‘just a chat’.

Through our conversations we will be exploring many elements of how you think, speak and act and the impact that makes in and on your life.

We will search for greater clarity on your struggles and what their causes may be.

We will look to start moving in a direction that is more skilful for attaining your dreams and desires whilst increasing focus through better strategies to tackle life.


At the end of all of our coaching session I will be extending you a couple of invitations for you to work on during the time between our sessions.

Invitations are just that, invitations, accept and decline them as you please.

I also finish sessions off with a couple of specific questions to help sum up and round off each coaching experience and tie the entire conversation together.


Those who work with me often report much more clarity around their struggles and how they are impacting their lives.

They gain comprehension of the solutions available to them and where each could lead them. Their confidence in themselves and their ability to handle what life throws at them greatly increases.

They develop and strengthen their courage to live life on their terms, serving both themselves and others to the highest degree, increasing their overall fun, freedom, fulfilment and happiness.



I promise that my approach will focus on helping my clients to create their DREAM lives not simply pursuing arbitrary goals.


I strive to tug at and hustle with the limitations of the beliefs, thoughts and actions that keep my clients from achieving their dreams.


I refuse to let my clients ignore the data or embrace the drama that would cause them to lose sight of, sacrifice or abandon their dreams.





I promise that my approach will focus on helping my clients to shift the way they think and behave in order to make POWERFUL shifts towards their dream lives.


I strive to help my clients to identify, diagnose and analyse the thoughts and behaviour that could lead to MAJOR breakthroughs and progress in their lives.


I refuse to allow my clients to avoid and evade addressing the thoughts and behaviours that are keeping them from delivering their dreams into their lives.





I promise that my approach will support and encourage my clients to know their heart and speak and act from it.


I strive to challenge and question the paradigms, conditions and rules that steer my clients away from speaking and acting from their hearts.


I refuse to let my clients ignore the data or embrace the drama that would cause them to lose sight of, sacrifice or abandon their dreams





I promise that my approach will focus 100% on helping my clients to understand,  accept and trust THEIR truth.


I strive to poke, prod and probe my client's beliefs, ideas and thoughts to discover and uncover if and where they are withholding the truth from themselves.


I refuse to let my clients lie to, deceive or mislead themselves with stories that only serve to further remove them from their dreams.





I promise to aid my clients in experiencing themselves and showing up in their lives in THE most joyful ways for them.


I strive to unearth, unmask and unveil the thoughts, feelings and actions that remove joy from my clients lives.


I refuse to fail to highlight if I recognise my clients are pursuing goals, ambitions and objectives that actively REMOVE joy from their lives.





I promise that my approach will concentrate on helping my clients develop, nurture and protect a DEEP sense of acceptance in themselves, connection to themselves and care for themselves.


I strive to help my clients to detect, discern and distinguish when and how they aren’t showing themselves acceptance, connection or care.


I refuse to let me clients reject, disconnect or neglect themselves or their dreams.


My wish for you is that you can experience yourself and your life in a way that lights you up, ignites your fire and liberates both you and others.


If that sounds like the kind of experience you wish for yourself, I may be the right person for you.


Truth, Joy, Love


TJ ✌🏻

TJ Hubbard Confidence Coach

©2017 by TJ Hubbard Confidence Coach and TJ Hubbard Limited.