About Me

I didn't set out to be a coach, originally I was more interested in helping people lose weight and get in great shape. I wanted to help people improve their health and fitness.

Initially it seemed enough for me to just create and deliver training sessions, provide nutritional guidance and hold them accountable for their actions.

But what I found was my clients would either get great initial results (which they were ecstatic about), only to eventually stop taking action and losing motivation. Or, they would fail to take the actions set out in the first place, leading to a huge loss of motivation and them abandoning the process completely.

When I asked my clients what they thought the sticking point/what they REALLY need was they would tell me they “a MORE effective and rapid diet”.

So I set about learning more about nutrition, how to offer better support and guidance as well as learning more effective systems to implement them with.

And the result was my clients results improved. They were getting better results and faster than before.

But I wasn’t able to help my clients to stick to their plans long enough to keep results. Clients started to “drop the ball” more and more often, due to the ever imposing restrictions the nutritional guidance was placing on them.

Then I tried more advanced training protocols and method. I spent HOURS researching, learning, trying and testing training styles on myself. Honing and refining the processes until I felt confident in their effectiveness.

My clients again started to see improved results at an accelerated rate. Their fitness and physique improved even more rapidly than before!

But they would become burnt out MUCH quicker, or would struggle to sustain the intensity that the more advanced training protocols demanded. Keeping them to plan continued to be an issue.

I looked into motivation techniques and other strategies to help m clients stay on track. Increasing the accountability I was providing my clients.

Sticking to the plan improved initially and clients managed to stay with the process for longer than they had before. Meaning they saw greater results and kept them for longer.

But their effort and energy soon started to wane during sessions. They began avoiding and eluding me and started missing sessions. Their willingness and desire to stay on plan eventually got WORSE!

I then switched to a more holistic approach, making my clients a much bigger part of the program creation process and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own motivation and accountability.


I started to ask more questions about their lives outside of our sessions and how it would effect what we were trying to do.

And the result was my clients responded much more positively and were more enthusiastic about our sessions.

Eventually I realised that I was getting a much better response, buy in and clients were sticking with it MUCH longer from having conversations, than I was by hammering them with training and nutrition plans.


I also realised that most of my clients were struggling to apply and commit themselves to their health and fitness because SO many other factors were taking priority.

I realised that in order to improve any area of a persons life, ALL areas must be taken into consideration. That action only comes from trust, trust comes from understanding, understanding comes from clarity and clarity can only be gain through exploring and investigating the hows, whens and whys of their behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

And started down the coaching route I now enjoy by scheduling in time in each of my client sessions to have “coachy” conversations. Before long, my clients were asking for stand alone coaching sessions to explore and investigate their struggles.

Since I've taken this approach I've been able to help my clients take charge of their own journeys and set about them in a way that excites and ignites their desire and ability to take action.


I have been able to help my clients discover what was ACTUALLY holding them back and  aid them in removing those road blocks, to allow them to move forward more efficiently, effectively and with a greater sense of enjoyment.

My clients have changing relationships they have had with themselves, food, training and many other areas of life. They act less from a place of self-loathing, to restrict, restrain and punish themselves and their bodies.


Instead they act from a place of self-love, to nourish, nurture and cherish themselves and their bodies.

And the effects on their lives have been that they are experiencing a greater sense of fun in their lives, due to the new found freedom they have, due to a feeling of greater choice in their lives. They are more fulfilled in their lives as they are more able to contribute in high value ways to themselves and those around them.

They are making greater impact in their careers, building and cultivating deep and meaningful relationships both professionally and personally.


What I love most about coaching is the astounding conversations I have with awe-inspiring people incredible and impact and influence they can have on not only their lives, but also the lives of others around them.

What I Believe!

I believe that that amount of fun, freedom, fulfilment and happiness is dependant on how confident we feel in ourselves and how high our self esteem is. And that confidence and self esteem are MUST built from within.

I believe that UNTIL you have a deep and detailed understanding of who YOU are, life will always feel like an uphill struggle, but once you do TRULY have a grasp on yourself, you open yourself up to life's wonders.

I believe that making yourself the core of your cosmos is neither selfish nor self-centred, as I truly believe that once we have spent time nourishing and nurturing our own needs THE most powerful way to experience fulfilment in life is through service to others.

I believe that there is only ONE way of doing anything in life, and in fact, it is completely individually unique to YOU! And when you discover, hone in on and harness YOUR way, life opens up incredible opportunities and experiences.

My Biggest Challenges Right Now
  • Right now a great deal of my energy and effort is focused on creating my coaching business and making it successful and HIGHLY impactful. Helping people has always been a big part of who I am, building a successful and impactful coaching business means I will be able to help MORE people experience MORE fun, MORE freedom, MORE fulfilment and MORE happiness.

  • I am also putting my energy and effort into building and improving myself as a hockey player. It has been an aspiration of mine to play in the top leagues in the country. I have always been highly competitive, and hockey is my favourite way to dispense of some competitive energy.  

  • Finally, I am currently assigning a portion of my energy into learning a couple of languages. I believe that my experience of life will be greatly enhanced by the ability to converse and communicate with people across the world. I believe there is SO much to be learnt from other cultures and I feel that the best way to do so is in the native language. Currently I am pursuing Spanish as it is one I leant at school, so I have a bit of a head start. I also intend to learn mandarin as well as German.

Truth, Joy, Love

TJ ✌🏻

TJ Hubbard Confidence Coach

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